Make me chooseWhats-so-gr8-about-the-waterhole asked  Stitch or Simba? 


An endless list of fictional or historical “characters” I can’t help but adore→ Simba (The lion king)

You guys have to create a diversion. What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?

And if he falls in love tonight, it can be assumed.
His carefree days with us are history.
In short, our pal is doomed.

Mini Disney Movie Challenge (2/9) 
↳ The Lion King: Favorite Character- Pumbaa

I’m a sensitive soul. Though I seem thick-skinned

Top 5 Favourite Disney Villains (Male)
↳ 4. Scar

Inspired by anniethedirewolf’s Top 10 Disney Villains series


Endless list of favorite Disney movies: The Lion King

And injustice deliciously squared, be prepared!