Hey everyone, I’m back! Missed me? :D

gonna go to bed but first some Cabin in the Woods gifs :D

So I’m a nerd and gonna spend my birthday at the cinema with my 3 best friends watching Upside Down. Pretty exited about it though, because Jim Sturgess :D

finally happy with my new theme and especially with the new sidebar gif I’ve just made:

<3 <3 <3

Vacation in 15 days!..

The mission is to survive these 2 weeks of work. May the force be with me…

I’m sooo waiting for September! Never liked this month (I mean September), NEVER! And now I can’t wait because:

  • I’ll FINALLY have my vacation in September
  • The Cabin in the Woods comes out on DVD in September

Actually vacation in September is not a bad thing. Everyone will come back to work and I will have rest - that’s nice, right? :D But what makes me a bit sad is that I’ll be in my hometown on my birthday, I was hoping to be somewhere else because I don’t really like to celebrate it, but oh well… 

Anyway, one more month and I’m FREE! Woooo :D

A very rainy night and “500 Days of Summer” on TV. Perfection.

I’m so exited right now that I’m running around the room and don’t know what to do with myself

off to bed, hoping to get better tomorrow… ugh, I hate being sick -___-

Sore throat and headache… It actually sucks to be sick in summer, and also I have only one day to get well because I have lots of work next week (as always -___-)


I can’t wait for august, sooo tired of work, ugh. I REALLY need a vacation -___-

me, street theatres and my Nathan-fan-hoodie :D

International Street Theatres Festival is over, crazy week is over, now it’s so quiet and sad on the streets of the cuty… I always feel sad when the Festivalis over, love these days so much. But I have tones of photos to edit now, so no time to be sad :D

Damn it, Lucy, you’re a teacher of English, just stop making the fucking spelling mistakes in your posts!!! >___<

Sitting at work trying to figure out a lesson wich is gonna be something like English club for kids. I’m gonna have this lesson on Monday and I still have no clear plan. Literally, I will have 7-8 kids in the classroom and I have to do something with them, that should be funny and connected with English. So, I’m sitting here trying to make up a plan. And feel dumb. Why did everyone on my work decided that I’m creative? Who told them?? Because I’m not! Two hours left, and all I have are some dumb games with words -___- Oh well. Back to work.