Look what I’ve got for my b-day!!! 

Hey, I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 times and probably it’s not my limit.


I saw X-Men: Days of Future Past THREE times and I want more. I’m not okay.

I just love Cornetto Trilogy sooo much <3

Peggster problems: it’s almost 3 a.m now, but I can’t go to bed because it’s Shaun of the Dead on TV…

Questions from :

  1. Do you have a song that makes you really want to get up and dance? - currently I think it’s “Nicotine” by Panic! at The Disco 
  2. Who’s your favourite cartoon character? Or favourite cartoon show? - Daria. Oh, and my favorite cartoon show from childhood was probably “Hey Arnold!” :DD
  3. If you could have a pet of any kind, what would you have? - a red panda! :DD
  4. If you got stranded on an island, who’s one fictional character you’d want to be there with you? - hard to choose… Marty Mikalski, lol :DD I think he’ll be okay even on an island :DD Also it’s a fun company, so why not :D
  5. What is one thing you wish was still around from your childhood, that isn’t anymore? (could be a personal belonging, a tv show that isn’t on the air, a candy they no longer make, etc). - Sometimes I miss old Nickelodeon cartoons and shows :) Also when I was a child I liked “The Littelest Hobo” - a very nice canadian tv-show about a stray dog who wanders from town to town helping people in need. Some of my favorite childhood shows are still shown on TV from time to time, and some of them I downloaded or have on dvd and can rewatch… but as for “The Littlest Hobo” - I haven’t seen it on TV for ages and it’s really very hard to find in the internet or on dvd.
  6. Where’s your favourite place to be? - I’m in love with Italy so I like to be there. Also I love St. Petersburg VERY much. 
  7. Do you have a TV show that you think everyone should at least check out? - Yep. Dollhouse :)
  8. What book are you currently reading? And if you aren’t reading anything, what’s the last book you read? - I’m currently reading three books: “Nerd Do Well” by Simon Pegg, “Into The Wild” by Jon Krakauer and a book by russian author Sergei Lukyanenko (it’s a sci-fi thing).
  9. What movie did you last watch? - Godzilla (2014)
  10. What’s a tumblr tag you check almost every day? - I’m not currently obsessed with any tags, I just scroll through my dash and reblog cool stuff from the people I follow :)
  11. Aside from the essentials (water, food, clothes, etc), what’s something you couldn’t live without? - … friends? :)

Questions from :

1. Favorite video game? - Need For Speed, I guess. I’m not really a gamer, sorry :)

2. Favorite YouTube video (plz link thx) - Simon Pegg singing and having a chat with a bird :DD

George Blagden singing “I Follow You Into The Dark” ^^

3. Current Netflix obsession? - Netflix is not available in my country.

4. What are some new bands you’ve been listening to? - ummm… I mostly listen to old ones… Okay… What about Of Monsters and Men?

5. Where’s the one place you want to travel to? - I’m in love with Italy.

6. The most badass thing you’ve ever done? - climbed on stage during the concert and sang a part of the song together with the lead singer of one local band xD

7. What are you excited for right now? - I’m excited for good weather (finally!) and upcoming summer rock festivals :)

8. Last thing you cooked? - scrambled eggs 

9. What color is your shirt right now? - dark blue

10. Favorite gif? - omg, there are too many! Okay, let’s see…

11. What kind of exotic animal would you want to have as a pet? - a red panda O_o

Is new scarf a valuable reason of posting a selfie?..

Part II :D

This is sooo cute!

selfie time because why not

Today me and my aunt watched Cuban Fury in the cinema.

You may say it’s not a big deal, but we live in a small town in the north of Russia (well, there are, actually the towns even smaller and even farther away from the center of our country, but still), and many movies that I’d love to watch on a big screen just don’t come to our cinemas. Even The World’s End was NOT shown in our place! (it was extremely disappointing, you know) So we were quite surprised to see that one our cinema has Cuban Fury in it. Only one cinema, only ONE film show a day (!), only at 10 a.m (!!), but me and my aunt are the true fans :D So, this Saturday we woke up at 8 a.m, al because of you, Nick Frost :DD

And actually we regret nothing. We totally loved the movie, it’s really nice and sooo funny! We laughed a lot and left the cinema smiling, and I’m still in a great mood after it. The main idea is that you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself, just do what you really like even if someone laughs at you and calls you a loser. Those who mock at other people and think they look cooler by humilating them are just weak, so don’t pay attention to these bullies. Just do what you like with all your heart and be yourself, and people will appreciate it. Yep, this idea is not at all new, but it’s still nice to remind yourself about it. Also Nick did a great job and the other characters were very bright and funny. Oh! And there’s a moment when Simon Pegg appears on screen! It’s just a couple of seconds, but it nearly made us scream because it was unexpected! :DDD

So… go and see this movie, guys. It’s not a masterpiece, of course, but it will make you smile, and we all need it sometimes :)


Oh. By the way…




pointless selfie time, yep