"Loser is not an emotion."
"It is to me."

Fuck it! I’m inadequate. What can you do?

Chris in 1x05 Sid

“What are you thinking about? - My brother.”

“I think that’s why the idea of Effy’s episode came about – we wanted to show [Tony’s] vulnerability. And because he loves her totally.”
–Jack Thorne


Chris Miles;

(one gif per episode, part 2)

first appearances


Cassie & Liv parallels/similarities


skins meme

four friendships [3/4]: TONY AND MAXXIE


skins meme

four friendships [2/4]: MAXXIE AND ANWAR

I think I finally realized what it means to be grown up. I always wondered, you know. But it’s easy. It’s when you have to decide one way or another. And nobody can help you. If I do nothing, six months from now, I’ll have a baby… People need to know that, but they’ll be hurt and angry and I’m petrified. That’s probably why I’m having a little difficulty taking this exam seriously. So… excuse me.”