Hey, everyone! I’m like super-busy this summer, but FINALLY!!!


It’s very easy to take part in it :)

1) You choose and print one of the posters (or you can use both, it doesn’t really matter):



Or black and white versions:



click to download the posters

2) You take this poster (or posters), also take your camera (or maybe a phone if it can make quality pictures), and go outside. There you find a place to put your poster on and take a picture of the poster there. Be creative! Interesting, funny, strange or unusual places are appreciated :)

You can take only one picture, or you can make a series of pictures of the posters in different places. Everything depends on you, your creativity and the amount of your free time :)




3) Then you take a piece of paper and write your birthday wish to Fran. You take a picture of it too. It can be a picture of you, holding the paper, or simply a paper if you don’t want to show your face or something. 



4) You send all the pictures to me. My e-mail is the same as last year:

Also, in your mail, please send me such information as:

1) Your name (full, short, nickname - as you wish)

2) The place you live (country, state, city)

3) Twitter nickname if you have twitter

5) Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! Now you became a part of Fran’s Birthday Project 2013 :)

I’ll make a collage and I’ll send it to Fran via twitter and via Facebook.

Important note: Fran’s Birthday is on the 13th of July. So I will accept the pictures till the 10th, or maybe the 11th of July. So you guys have a month to do it. I now, it’s my fault that I started the project so late this year, but I have really really hard days at work now, I just come home and fall asleep >< Anyway, my dear Frandom friends, I hope you’ll help me, and we’ll do something nice again together. 

So, I’m waiting for your pictures! Hugs to everyone :)

Hey, Frandom!

Sorry, I’ve been a bit busy and didn’t even have time for tumblr these days. But now I’m back, I guess :)

So, me and Masha had some brainstorming about the Fran’s B-day 2013 project. We think it must be something funny and and cool and at the same time easy to make. Aaaaand… I’m happy to tell you that we finally have an idea, and it’s a good start :D I have some time to figure out what we exactly want to do, and then I’ll make a post with all the rules and everything, and I really hope you’re gonna like it and will join the project :) FRANDOM ASSEMBLE! 

And for now, let’s just remember our Fran’s B-Day Project 2012 :) It was great, right? ;)


So it happened at about 4 a.m. when I was ready to go to bed… Needless to say that I couldn’t sleep tonight because I was too exited :DD And as soon as I woke up I ran here to make this post. 

I actually still can’t believe it happened. Like two months ago the idea seemed crazy to me. We’re all from different countries and cities, we’re so far away from each other, but we did something together, yay! ;)))

Once again:

And then

And also awww 

Also, thanks to the awesome people from Zombie Orpheus who also supported me :3

And thank you dear Alex, and Anita, and also everyone who took part in this project! I love EVERYONE today!!! *crying of happiness*

HE SAW IT GUYS YAY! Mission completed :D


Can’t believe it finally happened! I was so nervous about it, but I actually like the result and I’m so exited :D 

BIG THANKS for everyone who sent me pics! All of you are awesome and amazing, I love you!



Finally! gonna show you the result tomorrow :)

  1. me :D (lucy-sky) -  ♥
  2. ficsandfangirling - H
  3. my friend Nastya - A
  4. helenofeddis - P
  5. hmbscully - P
  6. lillianashel - Y
  7. higher-and-higher-and-higher -  ♥
  8. llamabecky -  ♥
  9. pixiejazz - B
  10. fight-evil-bring-buffy-home - -
  11. sayingitpoetically - D
  12. alisomniac - A
  13. anitaboeira - Y
  14. goodcumberback -  ♥
  15. me again ^^” - F
  16. all-you-people-are-velociraptors - R
  17. productofgenius - A
  18. itsfirstgradespongebob - N
  19. emmascorpse -  ♥
  20. itsokaylifegoeson - W
  21. robin-sloan - E
  22. angiechuwho - L
  23. foreverbrowncoats - O
  24. boomboombooom - V
  25. androiddavid8 - E
  26. sentiii -  ♥
  27. dependsonyourdefinitionofmiracle - U
  28. crimehappensinthedark - !


Ooh, I’m sorry! I totally forgot, I keep meaning to! I’ll do it right now x


Frandom people who hadn’t send me pics for Fran’s b-day card yet, I’m gonna come to you in your nightmares till the end of the week. Or till the moment you sent your pic. So, BEWARE. *demonic laughter* :D

OK FRANDOM, now I’m REALLY nervous! Only ONE week until the deadline and I have only 9 pics including myself and my friend! If you don’t want or just cant participate anymore, let me know at least, so I could make your letters myself or ask some of my friends! And if you’re still in, please send you pics ASAP! in case if you lost my e-mail

 anitaboeira said: Well, I guess we can write <3 PYY <3 That’s a start!

lol :DD I’m actually ready to make all the letters myself, because I want this card to happen sooo much xD

helenofeddis said: I’ll get mine done as soon as I’m back at home. :-)

Okay, no problem :)


Shoutout to people who take part in the b-day card for Fran project:

Just wanted to remind you that there are 15 days until the deadline! Not that I’m nervous… But actually yes, I’m a bit nervous because for now I’ve got only one photo %) So yeah, I’m waiting :D 

Any questions/problems - my askbox is open :)

Birthday card masterpost is here

So excited about it!!

Yeah, me too!!! A couple of weeks ago it was only a crazy idea in my head and now it’s actually happening :) I hope our card will be really nice and Fran will love it :D

Allright my darlings, hope you all got my instructions about the B-day card for Fran?

And I can go to bed now, finally :D

Yay, I got an Y! And thanks for the inspiration image, it really helps. Plus, twitter names for sure! What’s your twitter btw?

I love this gif a lot, yep, it’s really inspiring :D 

I am lu_in_the_sky :)