Cassie & Liv parallels/similarities

Keep it simple. No future, no names, no touching. This is not a hook-up. I’ve got interpersonal issues. And syphilis. And the reason I chose you is cause you’re little, and I do karate. This is, like, a one-day-only deal. And if I see you on the street tomorrow, I am going to blank you, so don’t get weepy about it.

Matty: I want you. I love you. But…

Liv: But. It’s not enough, is it? And all the chemicals in the world can’t make it enough. I’d swallow razor blades to see you smile, but even that wouldn’t do it.

6x08 LIV. 
“Grace died. I don’t wanna die!”

best episode of series 6

You never cry. I used to think it was because you’re super brave, but now I just think you’re emotionally stunted.

Favorite moments in Skins V
Liv watching an old video tape of herself and Mini | “I don’t care.”


favourite skins episodes - 6x08 LIV. 
“Grace died. I don’t wanna die!”

Beautiful episode. Gorgeous. 

Liv Malone & Friends