Joe Dempsie for ASOS Magazine [x]

Joe Dempsie in Murder: Joint Enterprise
“Fate fucked me over!”

“You know it’s interesting, isn’t it? When I kill people can come back, but then when you kill, people are wiped from existence.” 
“Yeah? Why is that interesting?”
I’m the one people think is the monster.”

 We won a bafta we did  (x)


Joe Dempsie + The Fades.


One more reason to call him perfect.


Joe Dempsie in The Guardian outtakes (x)

On “not actually having sex on set and having people and a microphone in front of you, while pretending


Scientific Fact: It’s impossible not to stare at Gendry’s abs u_u
Hand carved abs. I’m - always - gonna - reblog - this… sorry!!

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SB.TV - Joe Dempsie Interview [Actor Spotlight] (x)