Topher + Claire - Season 1 

But why did you decide it was so important for me to hate you? I think that’s strange

It’s ordinary. You’re ordinary. Maybe you got bottle-fed, maybe you got dumped. Doesn’t matter. At some point, you decided real people weren’t worth it. You pushed them away, alienated everyone in your life so you could surround yourself with the fakes. The copies. It made you feel like you had some control.


Claire: I’m compiling a report.
Topher: I’m making a paperclip Eiffel Tower.
Claire: The report is conclusive. In every case, including Echo’s, we’ve seen improvement in muscular response, cellular cohesion, in stamina. All of the Actives who have been sent on pro bonos, on totally altruistic engagements, are physically improving.
Topher: Wow. Emoticon!
Claire: Have you cross-checked their cognitive response?
Topher: It’s not my job to improve them, Doc. I have to keep them right where they are. You of all people should know what happens when one of them…
Claire: This is different. This is about their experience of the world.

- Dollhouse, unaired pilot ’Echo’

dollhouse ladies + rainbow


Dollhouse: Season Two.


my favorite assholes: Alpha
I’m not going to shoot the wedge. I’m going to keep the wedge. I’m going to use the wedge. And I am gonna grab Wendys and Beckys and Stacys from all over this great nation, and every one of them will be a Caroline. And every one of them will get carved up, and her throat cut until I get bored. Now get in the chair! 

Welcome back.

Topher Brink being adorable.


Dollhouse episode by episode → Ghost

You see someone running incredibly fast - The first thing you gotta ask is ‘Are they running to something or are they running from something?’ The answer is always both.

Topher Brink being adorable.


Dollhouse episode by episode → True Believer

We’re going to be turning Echo into a human camera, and in order to do that, she’s going to have to be made blind.