Favorite James Cook’s outfits:
↳ 4x06 JJ, 4x07 Effy, 4x08 Everyone


"I’m a fucking waste of space, just a stupid kid, i haven’t got sense, i’m a criminal… I don’t have a fucking use, im nothing… so please, please get it into you’re .. you know, into your bonce… That you killed my friend. And I’m Cook…"

Tony Stonem & James Cook parallels/similarities (Part 1)

You think you could kill me? I’m fucking Cook mate. I’m fucking Cook!

get to know me meme [1/10 male characters]: James Cook

"He just … Freddie, man. I couldn’t stand the way that she was fucking looking at him. And I was thinking why does everybody get to piss on me? Everybody always fucking pisses on me. My fucking mom. My dad is a fucking tosser. And no one gives a shit, everyone’s just out for them fucking selves. No one gives a shit. So I fucking smashed the shit out of that kid! I fucking kickd the shit out of him and I fucking enjoyed it! I enjoyed it, okay?"

James Cook favorite moments: "Everybody always fucking pisses on me."


SkinsUK  Gen. 2 meme » 6 Friendships/Relationships
     (2/6) Cook and Naomi

We can talk about her. That's why you're here isn't it?


♛ Skins Meme → Four OTPs → (4/4) Ceffy

What am I talking about? Come on, Eff. I know you; you know me. We dated. We’ve fucked in every sense of the word. We are Cook and Effy. [No that’s not true, we’ve never met.] So how do I know you’ve got a mark shaped like a wineglass on your ass. Or that your favorite film’s E.T. That’s because we know each other. The fucking world knows us.

Do you wanna measure my dick? It’s daddy sized.