I guess we all know that Fran’s Birthday is on the 13th of July, right? So, how about making a little surprise for him? 

I just thought we could do something like this.

So, the idea is that we could take a simple phrase, something like “Happy Birthday Fran, we love you!” (actually it depends on how much people will participate in it) and  each of us takes one letter, writes it on a sheet of paper and takes a picture of herself (or maybe himself, idk :D) with this letter. Then you send your pics to me, I compose the whole thing, tweet it to Fran as a gift from all the Frandom, and we wait for the result :D

Actually, we can think about the phrase and other details later. Now I just need to know how many people would like to take part in it. So, if you want, just hit my askbox and let me know. If you have better ideas, welcome to my askbox too.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just a crazy fan or something, but I really wanna show some Frandom love to Fran :D Hope someone will support me in this :)



People who want to be a part of this:

  1. me :D (lucy-sky)
  2. ficsandfangirling
  3. 10nant-fangirl
  4. helenofeddis
  5. hmbscully
  6. lillianashel
  7. higher-and-higher-and-higher
  8. llamabecky
  9. pixiejazz
  10. fight-evil-bring-buffy-home
  11. sayingitpoetically
  12. alisomniac
  13. anitaboeira
  14. goodcumberback
  15. roguesassemble
  16. all-you-people-are-velociraptors
  17. productofgenius
  18. thischarmingman3
  19. emmascorpse
  20. not-unlikepride
  21. robin-sloan
  22. angiechuwho
  23. ?
  24. boomboombooom
  25. androiddavid8
  26. sentiii
  27. dependsonyourdefinitionofmiracle
  28. crimehappensinthedark


How the B-day card is gonna look like:

Something like that :)

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